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last update 9/2/2008
sarah whitmore
Photo taken by Donn Maeda

What it is all about. Photo from WMA website
Professional Motocross Racer
Cheboygan, Michigan
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2009 KTM
Terry Whitmore
Favorite Tracks
Baja Acres and Onaway Speedway
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Sarah switched her number to 89 to honor her Grandma who passed away. Her past numbers were 2 4, and 89

Sarah on her new ride.

Sarah in her Shift Gear



Sarah is riding KTM now and she loves her bike!

Career Objectives: To become the fastest Women Professional Racer in the world.

Photo: Steve Bonnau see article: WMA

2007 Hangtown holeshot see article WMA
Sarah Whitmore at Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship Race
Photo:Steve Bruhn

I won
Girls Rule!

2007 Sarah driving Girlyz Hummer!

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Career Highlights

Photo by Carl Stone, Thanks Carl!
Shift Gear
Deluge Sport Water
Scott Goggles
Alpinestars, Kicker
Enzo Suspension
CTi Knee Braces
American Racing
DRC Products
Zeta, FASST Bars
Pro Wheel
Elf Lubricants
P.C.S. neck support
Twin Air Filters
Hot Cams
CP Pistons
Pivot Works
Pro Clean
Engine Ice
Motorsport Products
Carbon Fiber Works
Hammerhead Designs
HRP Sports
Scott's Performance Products
Ultimate MX Hauler

High flyin' in Cali



2008 Season AMA/WMA Women's National Championship Finals 3rd place overall.

2008 Round 6 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship, Steel City, Pennsylvania 8/20/2008 8-7 for 7th overall

2008 Round 5 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship, Southwick, Maryland 8/23-34/2008 5-4 for 4th overall

2008 XGAMES 14 5th place

2008 Round 4 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship, Washougal, WA July 27 8-4 for 5th overall

2008 Round 3 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship, Thunder Valley, CO June 286, 5-9 for 5th Overall

2008 Round 2 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship, Freestone, TX June 8 3-2 for 2nd overall

2008 Round 1 AMA/WMA Women's Motocross National Championship Hangtown, CA May 2-5 for 3rd overall

2007 2007 Round 6 Steel City MX Park Delmont, Pennsylvania 1-2 for first overall
2007 Loretta Lynn's National Championship Women's 9 & Up 5-3-6 for 4th overall
2007 Round 5 AMA/WMA Washougal MX Park, Washington 16-8 for 11th overall
2007 Round 4 AMA/WMA Thunder Valley MX Colorado 9-10 for 8th overall
2007 Loretta Lynn's Qualifier Milliveille, Minnesota 1-1-1 for first overal
2007 Round 3 AMA/WMA Budd's Creek, Maryland 5-9 for 8th overall
2007 Round 2 AMA/WMA Hangtown May 19 3-DSQ
Holeshot Award
2007 Round 3 AMA/WMA Glen Helen May 12 5-3 for 3rd overall
2006 2006 Cohoctan, NY 3rd place
2006 Loretta Lynn's National Championship Womens
10-3-5 for 4th overall
Loretta Lynn's Regional Qualifier Dutch Sport Park 1-1-1 for first overall

Round 6 Steel City - Sept. 3rd 1st Place ! 1-2 for 1st place overall
Round 5 Broome-Tioga Aug. 18-19 3rd place 2nd moto canceled.
Round 2 AMA/WMA Hangtown May 20 6-7 for 6th overall
Round 1 AMA/WMA Glen Helen May 13 3-5 for 2nd overall
Challenge MXF 2006 France
Z1R Helmets WMA Cup; Cycle Ranch, Texas
5th Place

First woman to run qualifiers and make the men's MX2 Pro Class of the Canadian Nationals!

2005 ZR1 WMA Cup 2-1 for 2nd overall
2005 2nd place AMA/WMA Championship.
2005 Loretta Lynn's National Women's Champion 2-1-3 for 1st overall

Round 5 AMA/WMA Steal City Sept. 3 1-DNF 16th overall
Round 4 AMA/WMA Washougal July 31 3-3 3rd overall
Round 3 AMA/WMA Colorado July 23 4-1 for 2nd overall
Round 2 AMA/WMA Hangtown May 21 3-2 for 2nd overall
Round 1 AMA/WMA Glen Helen May 14 4-2 for 2nd France Challenge MXF 2005
France 3rd Place overall
Z1R Helmets WMA Cup; Cycle Ranch, Texas
4th Place

Loretta Lynn's Regional Qualifier June 5th 1st place
Round 2 Hangtown May 16 20-3 11th place
Round 1 Glen Helen May 8 1-2 1st place
AMA/WML Outdoor Motocross Pro Champioship
4th Place

AMA/WML Outdoor Motcross Pro
Championship Series
Steel City Champion

Loretta Lynn's National Championship Womens
125cc 2nd place
AMA/WML Outdoor Motocross Pro Champioship
4th Place

AMA/WML Outdoor Motcross Pro
Championship Series
Steel City Champion

Loretta Lynn's National Championship Womens
125cc 2nd place
AMA/WML Women's Pro National Series
4th Place

Loretta Lynn's Women's Nation 105cc+
2nd Place
Loretta Lynn's Women's National Championship
2nd place
Loretta Lynn's Championship Women's
1998 Loretta Lynn's Championship Women's



Internet Interviews
Article August 2007

Photo by Josh Allen, Transworldmx

Sarah at Hangtown 2006 photo by Donn Maeda

Tarah Geiger, (Sarah's Team mate)
Hangtown 2006 photo by Donn Maeda

transwold logo
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Sarah, 1st women to do a backflip into a foam pit.

Transworld Motocross:

Interview EXPN XGames
Click Here: 8/2/2008

Article by Josh Allen
click here: 9/3/2006

Video Interview
click here: 8/19/2006

Video Interview
click here:6/8/2006 interview

Sarah Whitmore signature series
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Series Products
Dirt Rider
Photo by Drew Ruiz
A Motocross Race Between Jesse Ziegler & Sarah Whitmore
Racer X:

2.24.06 click here for interview:
Recipe for success

Sarah Whitmore does a backflipin Travis Pastrana's foam pit! Test Drive
Grand National Cross Country Talk On-Line - Podcast Show

Podcast Interview
Sarah Witmore cover of Transworld Magazine

2008 AMA/WMA Women¹s National Motocross Championship
Rd 1: May 31 - 1 Hangtown MX National, Sacramento, California
Rd 2: June 7 - 8 Freestone Raceway Wortham, Texas
Rd 3: June 28 - 29 Thunder Valley MX, Lakewood, Colorado
Rd 4: July 26 - 27 Washougal MX Park, Washougal, Washington
Rd 5: Aug 23 - 24 MX 338, Southwick, MA
Rd 6: Aug 30 - 31 Steel City Raceway, Delmont, Pennsylvania

The Lutheran: Interview

Moto X Kids cover
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Sarah motocross clock!
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A Winning

Racer Chicks:
AGP Team Profile
Racer X Sarah writes a monthly column for Racer X magazine. It is called Sarah Smiles. Be sure to check it out each month.

Dec '03, Feb '04, Mar
'04, July '04-6 page "That Girl" interview

April '05 Blue Star MX
Transworld Motorcross:
Interview p. 60
Sports Illustrated
for Women
Interview 2002
Motocross Action Playground Magazine
Motocross Kids: Disney Movie
Relased 2004
Sarah Whitmore, Alana Austin and other cast members.|

Sarah in France places 3rd overall May 2005. Photo by CHERUB, SACCHIBROS.COM to see more photos by Cherub click here

Sarah on the line at Glen Helen May 14, 2005 Photo by Carl Stone

Sarah at Glen Helen 2005
Photo by Carl Stone.
"GKA" Fuel TV Mini Warriors 2


Interview with Sarah after Xgames:

EXPN Women's Motocross will race at the XGAMES for the first tim in History. Sarah Whitmore is the one of the 10 Women Pros invited to race in a women only supercross race. Read more on ESPN's web page about their 5 top picks to win.

- January 31, 2008

Women’s motocross is bigger and better than ever and Shift has jumped into the fray by signing top AMA/WMA competitor Sarah Whitmore to sport their new line of women’s race gear for the 2008 season.

Sarah may be new to Shift, but she’s definitely no stranger to the brand. “I have been a big fan of Shift for years and I actually won my class at Loretta Lynn’s back in 1998 in Shift gear that I bought!, said Whitmore. “When I saw that Shift was making women’s gear, I knew it would be the perfect fit!”

“Shift has always had a unique and aggressive style”, said Shift Brand Manager Brett Nicholas, “which is why we’ve waited to find a rider who’s equally as energized and independent. Sarah is the nicest girl you could meet off the track, but when the gate drops, you better watch out because this girl knows how to twist the throttle!”

Whitmore has numerous Loretta Lynn’s titles to her credit and has also claimed several national wins in the women’s pro championship. For 2008, Sarah has made some big changes in her efforts to take the title including a switch to Suzukis, where she will be running #89 in honor of her Grandmother.

Whitmore Joins Forces with

Sarah Whitmore has been making strides for women and motocross for some time, and 2007 will be no different. Although Sarah was hurt for much of the 2006 season with a separated shoulder, she continued to campaign for women and motocross, including being on MTV’s True Life, and ESPN Magazine. She is also a part of the recently released DVD by etnies girl, “12 Pack.”

For 2007, Sarah will be joining forces with the Yamaha backed team and pitting under their canopy and along side the team’s male riders. She will also be at each of the West coast Supercross Lites events signing autographs and publicizing the team and its sponsors. Joining Sarah under the canopy will be Girlyz’ sponsored Katie McGuire. So come out and meet Sarah and her new teammate at Anaheim 1 on January 6, 2007.

Paul Lindsey of said, “We couldn’t be happier to have the relationship with Sarah, as she is certainly one of the sport’s most recognizable racers, male or female. Women in motocross is certainly a burgeoning industry, and we feel that it is an honor to have someone of her caliber and distinction on the team. We are looking forward to supporting Sarah in her effort to come back stronger than ever for 2007 and bring Yamaha a championship.”

Sarah replied, “I am very excited to be on the team, as I have been riding for Yamaha forever, and the team is going to bring even more publicity and notoriety to women in motocross. My shoulder is healing up nicely, and I can’t wait to start racing again.”

Sarah would like to thank all of her sponsors: Yamaha, Michelin, etnies girl, Deluge Water, Scott Goggles, Alpinestars, Kicker, O’gio, FMF, Enzo Suspension, CTi Knee Braces, American Racing, DRC Products, Zeta, FASST Bars, Sunstar, Hinson, Boyesen, Pro Wheel, Elf Lubricants, Acerbis, P.C.S. neck support, ZLT, Twin Air Filters, Applied, Hot Cams, Galfer, Wiseco Pistons, Pro Clean, Engine Ice, Motorsport Products, Carbon Fiber Works, Mototassinari, Tekbolt, Hammerhead Designs, HRP Sports, Ultimate MX Hauler, and WINXS.

September 4th 2006
From Steve Adalcos, Sarah's agent:
Sarah and Tarrah raced on Sunday (same day as the males), during intermission and after the last male race was over. Accordingly, there were approximately 20,000 fans at the race.

Thank you for the continued support, and I look forward to speaking with you regarding 2007.

Both Tarah and Sarah will be at the final round of the Motocross Nationals this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA. They will also be bowling in the Motobowl on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006, to help raise money for the Women's Motocross Foundation, which donates money to the various safety organizations and the Asterisk Medical Unit.

The opportunity to bowl with Sarah and Tarah (separate teams) was put on ebay to allow fans to bid. They brought in more money than most of their male counterparts. Just another demonstration of their popularity.

Take care.
Steve Adalcos

May 26th 2006
Richardson's RV Race Report
AMA/WMA National Motocross

Glen Helen - Rd. 1:
The first round of the Women's Motocross Association's (WMA) series was held on May 13, 2006 at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, California. It would mark Tarah's first race back to the series, since her series-ending crash last year at round 4, where she suffered a fractured skull and a chipped vertebrae. Two weeks prior to the race, Sarah suffered a separated shoulder while practicing.

When the gate dropped for the first moto, Sarah had a terrible start and began in about eighth. Tarah, on the other hand, had a decent start in about fourth. By the end of lap one Tarah was leading the race, and beginning to pull away from the pack. Going up one of the big uphills, she hit a rock and fell, dropping her back several positions and finished in sixth. Tarah said, "The bike was working well, but I was having some carburetion problems. I was pulling away from the pack, and just made a rookie mistake. I feel good, and my endurance is better than I thought, given I have been off of the bike for so long."

While Tarah struggled to start her bike on the hill, Sarah was charging forward, injured shoulder and all. She began picking off rider after rider, until she was in fourth, fighting for third. On the last turn before the finish line, Sarah made an aggressive move to obtain third. Sarah had this to say, "I got a horrible charge, and just kept thinking about my shoulder. I was basically racing to salvage points for the series, but once the gate dropped and I was so far back, I just charged and kind of forgot about the shoulder. On the last turn I had to make a pass for third to get on the podium, so that is what I did. After all, it's racing right?"

In the second moto, Sarah got a much better start, and was charging forward. Unfortunately, she fell in the back section. This required her to charge even harder, eventually fighting her way up to fifth. Sarah ultimately received Second overall in round one. Tarah got a horrible start and had to put her head down and charge the entire moto. She also fell in the back section, and could only make her way to tenth, for Ninth overall.

Throughout the day, the team had numerous fans and photographers at the team's rig and in the hospitality area. The track is sponsored by Richardson's RV, which ensured prime real estate in the pits. Two Wheel Tuesday on Speed TV is airing the highlights and interviews on Tuesday, May 30, 2006, 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (EST).

Hangtown - Rd. 2:
The team trekked up to Sacramento for the second round of the WMA. Tarah was recovering with a bout of food poisoning and was intent on soldiering through, even though she had not eaten anything substantive for three days prior to the race.

In moto one, Tarah got a decent start and began charging, her bike running much better at this point. She collided with another rider and had a horrible time getting started. Eventually she got going again, and took 11th. Sarah also had a decent start, but collided with a rider as well. This left her fighting from the back, eventually working her way to Sixth.

In the second moto, Tarah got a much better start, and began fighting toward the lead. In fact, she was in second place for the next two laps before she got a flat tire. "I finally got a good start and was charging. I was not feeling all that great physically, due to not eating all week, but blocked that out because I was so mad about my performance. I should be up front, and have the bike to keep me there this year. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of bad luck. Hopefully, all of the bad stuff is behind me, and I can come back strong for the next rounds," said Tarah.

Sarah's start in the second moto was not as good as Tarah's, as she had a rider go down right in front of her, sending her to the ground, and requiring her to start from the end of the pack. Sarah exclaimed, "I was pissed. I knew my bike was running better this weekend and I have the speed and endurance. I finally got a good start, and someone crashed right in front of me, sending me to the ground and putting me in dead last." Sarah charged through the pack throughout the race and made her way to Seventh, for Sixth overall.

After two rounds, Sarah sits in 6th, eighteen points back from the lead. Tarah is currently 10th. Both vow to come back healthy and hungry for the win. You can see the television coverage of the Hangtown round on OLN on Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. (EST).

They would like to thank all of their sponsors: Richardson's RV, Yamaha, Jayco, Next Level, Alpinestars, Michelin, Kicker, Etnies, O'gio, FMF, CTi Knee Braces, Deluge Water, American Racing, Sunstar, Hinson, Boyesen, Pro Wheel, Elf Lubricants, Acerbis, PPG Automotive Finishes, P.C.S. neck support, ZLT, ECC, Twin Air Filters, Applied, Hot Cams, Galfer, Wiseco Pistons, DRC Products, Zeta, Pro Clean, Engine Ice, Motorsport Products, Carbon Fiber Works, Mototassinari, Tekbolt, Fastway, Ultimate MX Hauler, and Cahuilla Creek MX.
Sarah: MSR, Girlyz, M2R, Scott, Fasst Bars, Enzo Suspension, WINXS, Sano
Tarah: Red Bull, Oakley, 909 bars, Independent Suspension, Shoei, BBR, JM Racing, Bithlo Motosports, AP Designs

February 8, 2006 The WMA Race schedule is posted!

January 19, 2006
Sarah Whitmore goes Mainstream!

Sarah was featured on MTV's True Life, on January 19, 2006 10:00 p.m. EST.
Click on the link below to read the story.

Sarah will be at the remainder of the Southern
California rounds (Anaheim 2, Anaheim 3, and San Diego), along with her WMA teammate, Tarah Gieger, to help cheer on their male teammates, Logan Darien and Levi Reid. Logan and Levi are competing in the West coast Amp'd Mobile Supercross Series, and are part of the Richardson's RV team.

As part of the goings on at the track, Sarah and Tarah will behanding out goodies from the rig in the Supercross pits. All are welcome to come by and meet them and their new team for 2006, the Richardson's RV team.

Sarah and Tarah would like to thank all of their sponsors: Richardson's RV, Yamaha, MSR (Sarah), Alpinestars, PPG Automotive Finishes, O'gio, Kicker,
Enzo suspension (Sarah), Independent suspension (Tarah), Cti, Fasst (Sarah), 909 (Tarah), Scott (Sarah), Oakley (Tarah), Shoei (Tarah), M2R (Sarah), Girlyz (Sarah), Michelin, Etnies, FMF, American Racing Wheels, PPHinson, Boyesen, Deluge Water, Pro Wheel, P.C.S. neck braces, Topar, K&N, Galfer brakes, Fastway footpegs, Pro Clean, Tekbolt, Engine Ice,
Dirt Freak, Ultimate MX hauler, SANO, Sunstar,, Carbon Fiber Works, and Mototassinari.

Sarah has a new sponsor Girlyz Clothing, "Fashion for the Dirt"! They gave her an awesome helmet customized for her and while she was in California they let her use the Girlyz hummer to transport her bike. I think this company will be another nice fit for Sarah!
Check out this article about their hookup at

Sarah will now be riding for Richardson's RV for the 2006 season. Ssweeet! Nice rigs and great people! Thanks for your support!
Check out their website to see the latest RV rigs and trailers:

Her other sponsors are:Etnies Girl,MSR Racewear,, The Agents, Skaterade, and Kicker. And Yamaha, Dunlop, Alpinestars, Motorex Oils, Galfer Brakes, Sunstar Sprockets, ProX Pistons & Clutches, Topar Triple Clamps, Fastway Footpegs, TekBolt, Carbon Fiber Works, FMF, 909,, Voelker Research,, O'GIO,, Dickies Girl, & Scott USA.

Media/Sponsorship Contact Info:
Steve Aldaco @ The Agents: 951-205-3348 or
Mike Guerra @ Yamaha 714-761-7795, Dave Casilla @ MSR 951-340-3301, Patrice Fernandez @ Etnies 949-460-2020, Salman Agah of Skaterade 714) 791-7043


Sarah Whitmore is among the motocross racing elite. After winning the 1998 and 1999 amateur National Championship in the Women's 12-15 year old class, Sarah went on to place second in her first attempt at the 16+ Women's class racing against women much older and more experienced than herself. Sarah then pulled an upset by winning her first ever moto in the Professional Class at Broome-Tioga, New York With these results Sarah has established herself as one of the fastest women in the world and has received coverage in major publications.

Sarah has spent her winter racing the Florida Winter AM Series and training at the Georgia Practice Facility. This facility has a professionally built supercross track and motocross track. With only selected riders being allowed to train there. With these things in her favor Sarah hopes to become the fastest woman in the world.

Sarah Whitmore has always had a competitive spirit and a passion for motorcycles. Her father, Terry being a certified motorcycle technician, has always been there to encourage his young "biker", and ...if a mechanical problem arises, he is there for that as well.

Today, Sarah continues to grow in strength and gain experience through countless hours spent weight lifting, running, kick boxing and practicing her riding skills endlessly. Sacrificing such teenage endeavors as dating and spending time just 'hanging out' with friends are all part of the price she is prepared to pay to achieve her goal to race professionally.

Sarah calls Northern Michigan hr home. While most in the motocross industry consider the northern climate a hindrance Sarah has always been creative in finding ways to stay fit - and competitive.

Traveling in the family's well - used motorhome and trailer, Sarah is preparing to compete this season at the professional races in many states along the east coast, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Canada in her quest to become the best.

Strong, determined, dedicated, focused and highly motivated, Sarah is prepared to take on motocross industry and show the world what a young woman from northern Michigan can achieve in Motocross at it's highest level - as a professional.

Sarah, parents and brother Terry
Sarah, Laura (her Mom), Terry Sr. (her Dad), Terry Jr. (her brother). Missing from Photo is her younger brother Ben.

Sarah and her Dad at Dutch Sport Park WMA warmup race in July.

Sarah and parents

Sarah and Stacey friends

Stacey Price & Sarah
Photo: Sports Illustrated for Women

Sarah and Katie Autin at Dutch Sport Park
WMA warm up race in July 2005.


Terry & Sarah Whitmore, Travis Pastrana

Sarah Whitmore pic
Photo: Bonnau

Cassandra Price and Sarah
Sarah gives private and semi-private lessons! Cassandra has benefited from riding and getting tips from Sarah.


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