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What makes Mx-Mom's resumes different from the rest???


Your resume will not look the same as everyone elses. When the resume shows up on a sponsors desk or a sponsor or employer surfs to your web page, it will be unique and stand out from the rest.

I will incorporate your individual personality. As you can see from my web page I drew a picture for the background and used the colors I wanted for my web page. You can be in charge of the total design or you can tell me about yourself and I will use my imagination and design one for your approval.

I will be pubishing more examples in the near future. Most web pages cost $300.00 to design and hard copy black & white resumes average around $50.00.

Feel free to call or email me with your questions.

Thank you for taking the time to view my web pages.

Mx-Mom #025

Please see introductory prices below:

Web Page Resumes
Your own dot com: www.yourname.com

1 page includes 2 pictures...if you have a drawing it could be put as a background image like this page.
Includes your own dot com and 1 year of hosting through netfirms.

(N.M.M.C. members)
Each additional page added to web page $40.00
Reduced! Annual update includes renewal of .com and one year of hosting at netfirms. $105.00
Link off Mx-Mom's Web page: www.mx-mom.com/resumes/yourname
1 page includes 2 pictures $100.00
*NMMC $75.00
Web Page with banners: www.yourname.netfirms.com
1 page includes 2 picutes: $120.00
*NMMC $100.00
Extreme Sports Resumes-Color Hard Copy
1 page color Hard Copy $60.00
$50.00 NMMC Member discount
Additional Color copies: $3.00
Annual Update: $20.00 info only...
new pictures: $5.00 each
Each additional page added to resume: $25.00
Sports Applications-Color Hard Copy
1 page color hard copy: $60.00
*$50.00 NMMC Member discount
Additional color copies: $3.00
Additional color page added to resume: $25.00
Additional B & W page added to resume: $15.00
College Applications
1 page B & W: $35.00
Additional page: $10.00
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